Hi, I’m Dimas.

Everything is start when I was kid. I was dreaming to selling my artwork around the world. I making my first comic using empty books and showing to my friend. From there, I have strong willingness to get my dream come true.

At university, I choose history at University Indonesia. Everybody feel confuse with my choice. But I tell to them that, I wanna increase my perspective and knowledge about story. Beside that, i learn by myself such like Photography, making comic and graphic design. It’s fun you know to learn by yourself.

Then, I working in office. I get high salary, but I didn’t feel happy. I feel working in office is too “dictatorship”, not teamwork. I decided to quit and become freelance.

I start my international career at Fiverr and 99 designs. Feels happy work on there. Getting clients from many countries. Just after 5 years, I feel bored and both of them is not “fun” again to challenge me.

I decided to making Unimagi on 2015. I’m a little bit late and slow to making my website (actually, I’m very busy. hahhaa…). It’s my interpretation about idealist website.

My activities right now is making video content on youtube. I making food program called “Uenak” which is from Indonesia slang language means “very very delicious”. From here, I wanna introduce Indonesia food to around the world.

In my future, I wanna make other program. I will tell you soon. Cheers 🙂